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6 September 2014, between 8-11 p.m.
One of a kind
event in Poland

  • Drifting
  • Moto Stunt
  • Rallycross
  • Drag Race
  • Globe of Speed
  • Jest Car i Jet Bike
  • FMX
  • Rally Show
  • Supermoto
  • Truck Show
  • VW Castrol Cup
  • Castrol Edge Night Show

Lots of attractions in one place!

detailed programme
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Drifting is currently the youngest motor-sport in the world. All the fun is to go through subsequent sequence of turns in a track in a controlled slide, i.e. ... driving towards the side. If we add to that the fact that the drifting machines have an average of 500 horsepower, it is getting really hot. Spectators at Inter Cars Motor Show 2014 will have a chance to see love performances and shows of best Polish drifters from the team of current Polish Champion - STW Drift Team! This means a guarantee of top level of the show.


Moto Stunt

Do you think that riding on one wheel is spectacular? Wait until you see the Moto Stunt during Inter Cars Motor Show. Real stunts performed by professionals on vehicles which were prepared with the idea of making the most of their possibilities. This is not a show of skills of bikers, but also balancing on the edge of risk. Riding on front wheel, bike-drifting, riding in standing position on one wheel and many more. All those stunts can every moment end up with a fall and dangerous injury, and every driver must be ready for this. Top drivers of this discipline shall be performing during Inter Cars Motor Show.



Short, but exciting races, which combine everything that we love in motor-sports. The contestants are racing on a short racing-track which is no longer than one kilometre. Very important is the surface they are racing on. Usually it includes tarmac as well as gravel surface. This requires the cars to be prepared in a universal way, and contestants must be prepared for driving on both surfaces. If we add to this the fact that several contestants are on the racing track at the same time, it gives us the general idea of the show we are going to see.


Drag Race

Have you ever had a chance to see a car which reaches 100 kph within just 1.4 seconds, 200kph with in 4.4 seconds and 300kph within 8.3 seconds? These are the results of Corvette from VTG fleet of vehicles which is powered by 1,650Hp and will be presented at Inter Cars Motor Show. It is driven by no-one else, but Grzegorz Staszewski, who won the title of "King of Germany" in this car this year. Besides that there will also be another cars from VTG, which burn the tarmac when accelerating, and also a dragster belonging to Gerard Habermann. Races of those beasts on short distances is a show, which remains is memory of spectators for a long time... if they have such good eye to notice them. Simultaneous start of Jet Car, Jet Bike and Dragster? Such thing can happen only during Inter Cars Motor Show!


Globe of Speed

How can you call a metal, net globe inside which several bikers ride at the same time? It seems that the "Globe of Speed" is definitely correct name. Moreover the speed of the show is totally stunning. It is no wonder, when inside the globe the bikers speed up to several dozen kph. This means that they have to be trained just perfectly. Maybe this is the reason that in the world there are so few attractions like this. One thing is sure. "Globe of Speed" with Alex Ramien inside is the thing you just have to see with your own eyes!


Jest Car and Jet Bike

Everyone who is interested in motorbike sports, for sure must have heard about Gerard Habermann. Everyone who has heard about Gerard Habermann must also know the fleet of vehicles he has. The list is open with a car with... jet engine. Although cars from the VTG fleet are bloody fast, the Jet Car is unmatched for them. You will be able to see that for yourself during Inter Cars Motor Show. Besides Jet Car, spectators will also see a jet-driven bike. Sounds unreal? Well... the only possibility of checking that these kinds of vehicles really exist is coming to the Inter Cars Motor Show and seeing them for yourself.



Each moto-cross and extreme stunts on motorcycles fan will be delighted when they see FMX shows during Inter Cars Motor Show. So-called moto-cross freestyle are air acrobatics on motorcycles resembling those of a typical moto-cross, but slightly modified. Bikers speed up, and than drive on a several-meter ramp and perform various air acrobatics. There is a wide range of acrobatics - somersaults, letting a motorbike go, putting legs over the handlebars, "lying" on the saddle and many more. Everything is really spectacular, and taking into consideration that all the tricks shall be performed by stars of the discipline - it would be a sin not to see the show.


Rally Show

Great names from the world of Polish motorization shall demonstrate their skills to the audience, in various sports cars. Fans will be able to watch well-known Leszek Kuzaj - four-times Polish Racing Champion in general classification. There will of course be representatives of the young generation of drivers, Michał Kościuszko. Despite his young age he is a well-known racing driver with a number of successes on his account. Rally Show will be a perfect presentation of the level of drivers of fast racing cars.



An explosive mixture of moto-cross and road racing, cutting into Inter Cars Motor Show with a deep slide. A mixture of top speeds, jumps, long and effective slides, which will leave the spectators breathless with mouth wide open. On a modified suspension, smaller wheels and purely racing tires, players enter sticky sand with accelerator cable almost in their teeth, and we begin wondering whether they lost their minds.


Night Motor Show is a dynamic show of the following:

  1. Castrol Show
  2. Drag Race
  3. Moto Stunt
  4. Supermoto
  5. Rallycross
  6. Golf Cup
  7. Rally Show
  8. Drift
  9. FMX
  10. Globe of Death
  11. Fireworks show

The whole will be accompanied by fireworks shows and DJ's music!


Truck Show

Something for big boys, who not only like huge horsepower, but also effective shows. What about weighing several tonnes truck which had undergone tuning modifications? And what would you say for two such monsters, which additionally... drift! But this is not all. Besides drifting trucks you will also see Grzegorz Baran with his vehicle in which he covers murderous kilometres in Dakar Rally. If that is not enough, this group will be joined by Hahn Racing team Truck, which takes part in all kinds or races all over the world. Jochen Hahn shall be behind the steering wheel. This is how the heavy weight show presents for Inter Cars Motor Show!


VW Castrol Cup

During Inter Cars Motor Show visitors will be able to watch closely cars taking part in Volkswagen Castrol Cup races. There will also be demonstration drives, during which spectators will be able to see for themselves, among others, how does the system push-to-pass work, which adds 50HP. An unusual event will be a race of ambassador of Castrol, Jerzy Dudek, who this season takes part in a complete cycle of Volkswagen Castrol Cup, with Adam Gładysz. This great racing driver is a test driver and instructor of Volkswagen Motorsport and also takes part in Porshe GT3 Cup Challenge Central Europe.


Castrol Edge Night Show

On the occasion of introducing new line of products, called Castrol Edge Titanium FST, we would like to invite everyone to watch a unique show with music, laser beams and participation of professional racing drivers, who will be moving through the night and crossing the limits of their imagination.

Great stars of motorization and sport world!

  • Krzysztof Hołowczyc
  • Leszek Kuzaj
  • Michał Kościuszko
  • Gerd Habermann
  • Rafał Sonik
  • Bartek Ostałowski
  • Adam Fijał
  • Jochen Hahn
  • Grzegorz Staszewski
  • Adam Gładysz
  • Jerzy Dudek
  • Grzegorz Baran

Rafał Sonik

Rafal Sonik is the most awarded Polish driver in history of Dakar Race. Three times he was one of the drivers on the podium, and in 2014, as the first driver from over the Vistula river he won the second place in this South American competition. He also holds three FIM World Cups and six titles of Champion of Poland. During Inter Cars Motor Show we will see this precursor of quad sport in Poland on the machine, which has brought him the most success - on a specially prepared and modified quad.


Leszek Kuzaj

One of the most famous and greatest Polish racing drivers. Four times winner of the title of Polish Champion in general classification (in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006). In his career he was behind the wheel of a wide range of vehicles, from Fiat 126p and Cinquecento Abarath, through Peugeot 206 WRC, Peugeot 307 WRC, and even in Subaru . Taking into consideration the experience and class of the driver, we can expect to see top level shows. What and how will Leszek Kuzaj drive? Find out yourself at Inter Cars Motor Show!


Michał Kościuszko

Michal Kosciuszko, who as the first Pole in season 2013 was racing in the highest category of WRC rally, from the beginning seemed to be a promising driver. As a 15-year-old he was taking part in cart-races, and even won the title of Champion of Poland. In 2002 he got an international racing licence and immediately won two races of Polish Motorization Association, and because of this he won the title of "Talent of the Year" in 2004. Now Michał is an experienced driver. He is the most awarded Polish rally driver taking part in WRC Championships. He won the title of Vice World Champion JWRC and PWRC as the only Pole in history! We can expect from him a show at the highest level.


Gerd Habermann

Where Gerard comes, there is always getting hot. Literally and figuratively. During Inter Cars Motor Show Gerd shall appear with several attractions. There will be a fully professional Dragster, so the visitors will be able to see the power of the machines. After a warm up it will get even hotter, as Jet Bike will enter the game, i.e. a motorbike with a jet engine. The main course will be Jet Car with 15k horsepower and purely cosmic acceleration which will be much more than anything you have ever seen before. Globe of Speed is also attraction from Gerd Habermann, so you can see how important role for the show he plays.
Picture www.sabrina-photography.de


Krzysztof Hołowczyc

One of the greatest and certainly the most well known Polish racing driver. Three times Polish Racing Champion, three times winner of Rally Poland, Rally Europe Champion, Champion and runner-up in Europe, the winner of FIA World Off-Road Rally, multiple participant of WRC and Dakar Rally. He is also a holder of several records in the history of Polish car motor-sport. Spectators will be able to watch excellent acrobatics of this driver during Sunday Inter Cars Motor Show!


Bartek Ostałowski

He is 28 years old, and he has a smile on his face and reasons to be proud of himself. He is a licensed car racing driver, drifter and also, maybe even first of all a motorization fan. There would be nothing strange about it but for the fact that Bartek drives his car using his… foot! All this because of a very dangerous accident in which he has lost both his hands. During Inter Cars Motor Show we will see Bartek drifting against other drivers in Drifring Championships Poland, and also presenting his skills during the Night Motor Show.


Adam Fijał

Adam is a father-founder , boss and driving force of STW Drift Team (Individual and team Champion of Poland in drifting in 2013), owner of the only in Europe drifting truck Volvo FM12, and also creator of STW Motor Sport - a place where sports cars are being built. He created the first Toyota Supra from STW Line. Adam Fijał is a great motorization lover. He is the owner of a collection of historical and military vehicles. The owner and founder of ATF Heavy Transport and STW CENTER. At the same time at Inter Cars Motor Show you will also see: Bartek Stolarski "BRT", Marcin Carzasty "STEVE", Marek Wartałowicz " MARO", Mateusz Fijał "MATI" and Adrian Zatoń "ADI".


Jochen Hahn

Has taken part in truck races since the year 2000, three times won the title of Champion in this discipline. 40-year-old German turned out to be the best between 2011 and 2013. He does not intend to stop - this year he wants to win his fourth cup to join his collection - for winning in general classification. Hahn drives, just like in previous seasons, MAN truck in Castrol team. Weighing 5,500kg vehicle is very much modified, and the horsepower of 6-cylinder engine reaches 1,100Hp. Power is passed to the rear axle via 16-gear transmission.


Grzegorz Staszewski

The Pole, who has become the King of Germany several times! His Corvette AWD Turbo is not only the fastest car in Poland, but also in Europe. Proof of this are many victories in 1/4 mile races achieved in different events in several countries. Acceleration of 1.4sec. to 100kph speaks for itself. As the boss of VTG, Grzegorz Staszewski shall deliver spectators not only a show drive in his flag car, but will also present other cars from his garage.


Adam Gładysz

Racing driver, whose first steps in motor-sport date back to 1995, multiple holder of the title of Polish Champion, also with the success in international series VW Scirocco-R Cup Race. Today he takes part in Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Central Europe and also works as a test driver for Volkswagen Motorsport in Volkswagen Castrol Cup. If necessary, he becomes an instructor teaching less experienced participants of VW Castrol Cup. He also helps analysing telemetry of individual laps.


Jerzy Dudek

Jerzy Dudek is one of the most recognized and respected Polish sportsman. He played at the world football championship in 2002, 60 times protecting the goal of Polish football team. He was also a goalkeeper, among others, in Feyenord Rotterdam, Liverpool with which he won European Cup in 2005, and his last team was Real Madrid. Since 2010 Jerzy Dudek has been an ambassador of Castrol Brand in Poland, last season he took part in VW Castrol Cup as a VIP Guest. Driving a professional VW Golf was so much liked by him, that in 2014 he is taking part in the full round of VW Castrol Cup, as a normal contestant.


Grzegorz Baran
Another driver, who during Inter Cars Motor Show will be presenting his racing truck. He shall be driving his MAN TGA 18.480 4x4. It is exactly the same truck in which Grzegorz drives each year in Dakar Rally! Spectators will have the opportunity to see how the live shows of this unique colossus are performed, as well as how experienced driver controls this giant with ease. Grzegorz Baran will be present at Inter Cars Motor Show as a representative of ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

For children up to 10 years of age - entrance for free!

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We invite you all to take advantage of „Inter Camp” – internal camping site, thanks to which one can save time and money!

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